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The 7 Destructive Habits Of Aging And How To Stop Them So You Can Live Longer!

The "Fountain of Youth" is still more myth than reality, but scientists say they're getting closer to understanding the secrets of the aging process that have eluded us for ages. While the dream of always being young may still be years away, the dream of looking and feeling younger is here today.

Americans spend more than $1 billion per year on anti-aging products, and the demand for anti-aging supplements and a variety of other products to help baby boomers live longer, healthier lives is growing rapidly as boomers reach retirement age and beyond.

For many years, baby boomers have searched for the "elixir of youth," pursued by those wishing to stay looking young and avoid the ravages of old age for as long as possible.

Premature aging and degenerative disease are often the result of bad eating habits, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and environmental factors such as exposure to pollution, resulting in premature illness.

Experts on aging agree, there are positive steps you can take to make your "golden years" healthier and more enjoyable. And, they might just add as much as a decade or more to your life.

To do this you need to eliminate all or most of the 7 destructive habits from your current lifestyle such as?

  1. Destructive Habit

  2. SmokingDestructive Habit

  3. Alcohol AbuseDestructive Habit

  4. Lack of Quality SleepDestructive Habit

  5. Overweight and Obesity Destructive Habit

  6. Lack of ExerciseDestructive Habit

  7. Too Much StressDestructive Habit

Internal Pollution & Lack of Essential Vitamins & Minerals Create a Diet and Supplement Regimen Right for You - SummaryWe have also included a Vitamins & Minerals Guide to assist you with additional information.


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