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Where Excellence Meets Elegance in Aesthetic Transformation

The BBAIM CLINIC, London's premier destination for luxury aesthetic treatments. Nestled in Finchley, we provide a sanctuary for those seeking the pinnacle of beauty and health enhancements. Our expert team, dedicated to the art of aesthetic refinement, ensures each visit transforms your aspirations into tangible elegance.

We invite you to experience the ultimate in aesthetic refinement and discover the most radiant version of you, right here in the city's esteemed locale.

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Achieve your best in our professional skincare and body contouring aesthetic clinic.



Refine and enhance your facial features with the utmost elegance and subtlety. At BBAIM Clinic, we believe in the power of precision and personalised care, offering a range of treatments that cater to the unique contours and concerns of each client.

  • Filler injection

  • Anti-ageing injection

  • Microblading

  • Mesotherapy

  • HIFU

  • PRP


A team of highly experiend doctors and aestheticians

are here to help you glow.

Get your luxury non-surgical aesthetic treatments today.

clinicaknightsbridge aesthetic treatments


Choosing BBAIM Clinic for your aesthetic and wellness journey means entrusting your care to a team dedicated to excellence, innovation, and personalised treatment plans.

Our team, led by esteemed professionals Dr. Osh and Negin, brings together years of specialised training, a deep understanding of aesthetic treatments, and a passion for delivering transformative results. Their expertise ensures that you are receiving the most advanced and effective treatments available.


What Our Clients Say...

EMSCULPT Treatment


"Dr Osh at BBAIM clinic was incredible with the Emsculpt. His knowledge and enthusiasm about the technology made me feel at ease. The results were astounding - more muscle definition and less fat. He truly understands how to tailor treatments for the best outcomes."
Anti-Ageing Injections


"My experience with Negin for anti-ageing injections was exceptional. She's not just a practitioner but an artist who genuinely cares about her clients' desires. The subtle lift and smoothness she achieved for my skin were exactly what I hoped for."
Anti-Ageing Injections


"I did the anti-ageing injections at BBAIM clinic which rejuvenated my skin very well. Their expert team provided a personalised treatment that made me look and feel years younger."
Tattoo Removal


"I had been hesitant about tattoo removal, but Negin made the process seamless and virtually pain-free. I had a very thick tattooed brow that I didn’t like at all. She removed them from my skin, restoring its natural appearance. I will definitely go for microblading with Negin after my brows heal completely."

"Experience the art of advanced aesthetic treatments tailored to reveal your most radiant self."

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